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Amy Quotes II: The Goofball Strikes Back
amy kong

Quote #1

"Shaving a pigs butt is groovy."

Quote #2

"Leave me alone I'm busy picking my nose."

Quote #3

"The turtle opened its mouth that means it's a snapping turtle."

Quote #4

"Don't say okay, that's what I always say."

Quote #5

"What do I need this spoon for?"

Quote #6

"Brandon! your not petting the cat right."

Quote #7

"Jello is Cool-aid right?"

Quote #8

"One time I ate a dog biscuit."

Quote #9

"Didn't you use to call me Momar?" ???

Quote #10

"Brandon you are ingorant (ignorant?)."

Quote #11

"What does a narrator do?"

Quote #12

Why did you buy flavored soap you don't eat it? "Actually, I did it's pretty good."

Quote #13

"Straws are for drinking not eating."

Quote #14

"I'm not as smart as you thought I was, eh!"

Quote #15

"Do becans (pecans) grow on that tree?"

Quote #16

"Five dollars isn't worth my life."

Quote #17

"Look at those perdy plants."

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