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About Amyquotes

     So you want to know about Amyquotes. well, it started when my sister said a couple of dumb things and I decided to type them into the computer. Later as a joke I made it into a web page. Then I was running low on things to put on my actual web page @ Geocities so I uploaded Amyquotes. Then a few months later I decided to move it to my empty tripod page. And that is the story of Amyquotes.

     Soon I will include other things on this page besides funny quotes, I might put games and some other stuff. This is going to be a really Cool page. Come again soon, I am constantly adding new thing. Remember the polite thing to do when viewing someones page is to SIGN THEIR GUESTBOOK! If you really like this page contact me. If you think this page stinks click here.

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