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Amyquotes three
'when good quotes go bad'
amy animation (head spin)

Quote 1:

"What's a talent?"

Quote 2:

"Why don't chicken nuggets taste like chicken fingers?"

Quote 3:

"If cows lived in the sea I'm sure whales would eat them."

Quote 4:

mom: The elementary school gets out at 5 till 3.
amy: "No it's 2:55."

Quote 5:

"G is for Jim (Jim the name not gym)."

Quote 6:

(singing) "I'm stupid, so stupid, and Brandon is so so smart."

Quote 7:

"Wasn't there a door in my room?"

Quote 8:

"I thought this tomato sauce was tomato free."

Quote 9:

"You can't steal you're own quote."

Quote 10:

"I ate a bottle of water for lunch."

Quote 11:

"Is this tea sugared?"

Quote 12:

"One time I put tea in my cereal."

Quote 13:

"I cut my finger on tooth paste."

Quote 14:

"oooooh! I just licked my arm pit. . .it tastes like salt."

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