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"I'm a little fool (full?)."

"I drank the drank that came with my pizza."

"I ain't gonna say ain't cause ain't ain't a word and ain't ain't in the dictionary so I ain't gonna say ain't no more."

"Get that scum out from under the table!" (talking about a small child we were watching during church that was playing under the table)

"You gotta admit the middle (Hanson) one isn't the oldest or the youngest."

"Brandon! 7 is not 10!"

"Hello I am Amy I am a fat freak. You Know what I said."

"The last time I wet my bed I was eight."

"Brandon! I'll eat the ones (chips) that fell on the floor."

"Brandon! What are those eye drops for?"

"Amy, why don't you eat some deodorant? I've tried it before, It's nasty."

"They're not puttin' braces on me until I get rid of my crooked teeth ."

"Amy, brush your hair. (Amy) Nobody teached me how."

"I don't wanna go to (baseball) practice, all we do is practice."

"Thirteen times twenty-seven. . .that's fifty-one. . .NO NO it's seventy-one. . ."

"TWO WEEKS. . .That's fourteen days!"

Me: Wow! it is hot out here (on the trampoline). AMY: "Maybe the sun will go out."

"National Park:To see how things are alike. (she put the definition of compare for National Park, and the definition of national park for compare on a test in elementary school."

"Shaving a pigs butt is groovy."

"Leave me alone I'm busy picking my nose."

"The turtle opened its mouth that means it's a snapping turtle."

"Don't say okay, that's what I always say."

"What do I need this spoon for?"

"Brandon! your not petting the cat right."

"Jello is Cool-aid right?"

"One time I ate a dog biscuit."

"Didn't you use to call me Momar?" ???

"Brandon you are ingorant (ignorant?)."

"What does a narrator do?"

Why did you by flavored soap you don't eat it? "Actually, I did it's pretty good."

"Straws are for drinking not eating."

"I'm not as smart as you thought I was, eh!"

"Do becans (pecans) grow on that tree?"

"Five dollars isn't worth my life."
(I reminded amy of the time I saved her life and then asked her if I could borrow five dollars then she said this quote.) "Look at those perdy plants."

"What's a talent?"

"Why don't chicken nuggets taste like chicken fingers?"

"If cows lived in the sea I'm sure whales would eat them."

"The elementary school gets out at 5 till 3. No it's 2:55."

"G is for Jim (Jim the name not gym)."

(singing) "I'm stupid, so stupid, and Brandon is so so smart."

"Wasn't there a door in my room?"

"I thought this tomato sauce was tomato free."

"You can't steal you're own quote."

"I ate a bottle of water for lunch."

"Is this tea sugared?"

"One time I put tea in my cereal."

"I cut my finger on tooth paste."

"oooooh! I just licked my arm pit. . .it tastes like salt."

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